Blue/Gold Batik Flame




Blue flame batik face mask 100% cotton, reversible one side blue and white, other side gold/brown and white. Each mask is unique and each side will be slightly different. This one might need hand washing as African cotton is often not colourfast. Medical masks are needed in hospitals. Reusable masks in natural material will biodegrade & not create tons of toxic waste. 25% will go to charity Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation, registered Charity 1156274.
Please measure from tip of nose to the middle behind the ear as shown in this photo:

If you are between 17-19cm you will fit the Default Size. If you are bigger or smaller you need to choose Bespoke Size and put your measurement in the Order Notes on the check out page. If you are paying via PayPal please email your measurement to
If there are no notes I assume you are the Default Size of 17-19cm which fits the majority of people.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
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